Wrapped All Up
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“This is a place u must go if u are looking for any kind of craft! They have tons of ribbons, wrapping paper, gift boxes/bags, and the list goes on!!! They have colors and designs that's hard to find also. Come to this hidden place if u need supplies for anything crafty!!!


Maria G
Elk Grove, CA


“I've been going to Wrapped All Up for years. They have the largest selection of bows, cello bags, gift boxes, just about anything you can name for gift baskets and crafty stuff. Everyone I have referred has been more than thrilled. And be sure to let them know you have never been there, because it goes way, way deep into the warehouse, and some people miss out.” 


Eurshla Osby
Sacramento, CA


“I thank you very much for the great resource that you are in supplying great quality at affordable prices.”


San Jose, CA