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Cello: Basket Bags

Drop your basket into the flat seamed cellophane bag, tape the corners under (to adjust the size to hug your basket), add a bow around the top, and you have a professional looking basket in minutes! These bags also make great bouquet bags and can be used just like any flat cellophane bag (these are just much bigger).

To determine the size of bag you need:
***Find the width by measuring(in inches) around the product or basket at the widest point, then divide this number by 2.
***Find the height by measuring (in inches) the final height you want (including the fleurette at the top, if you want one), then up & down, under & back up to the final height, Add 10% and divide by 2.
***Now choose your perfect bag! Easy & Fast!
Clear Cellophane Basket Bags
Clear Cellophane Basket Bags
Printed Basket Bags
Printed Basket Bags